Do I need to sign up on line?

No. But there is a $100.00 additional charge for signing up after the deadline or at the event. You must register before June 24 to secure the early bird pricing.

What rule book will we follow?

We will follow the BITD rule book, however each class has a class representative and they will be the final say on legal parts and vehicle issues.  Protests will be filled with the representative first, then the race promoter (Five 2 Productions).

When can we move in?

The first opportunity to move in will be Friday morning at 8 AM local time.

Can we camp at the race track?

Yes. We encourage that, however there are no RV hook ups.  Spaces are available on a first come first come serve basis. Bring your generators.

Are the 3 races different?

Absolutely! The first race is Friday night and will begin with one vehicle off the line every 15 seconds. It is a 10ish mile loop, very technical and fun. The second race is in the daylight and will feature a land rush start with 10 cars on each row! Who will be out of turn 1 with the lead and in 1 piece? The last race is on the Lucas Oil track where we will showcase these desert cars just as we ran them on the desert course and go short course racing.

How will we start?

There will be a site lap and a qualifying lap for every class except youth UTV. We will start the night race in the finishing order of qualifying. The lowest elapsed time in the night race will take the pole position for the start on Saturday morning, then we will work left from the pole position. Saturday morning will be a land rush start with 10 cars on a row. The short course race will be the overall results from race 1 and 2 inverted. That's right, last will be first and first to worst. Game on!

What is the purse?

For classes 5, 1/2-1600 and TrophyLite, the payout is as follows:

$500 of each entry fee goes to the purse up to 9 cars in the class. After 10 entries, we will offer a $10,000 purse. After 15 entries, we will offer a $12,500 purse and at 20 cars we will offer $15,000 and so on.

For the 1450 class, we will offer $500 per entry up to 10 cars entered. At 15 cars and up, we will offer a $7,500 purse and at over 20 cars there will be a $10,000 purse.

Payouts are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places only in all classes except the Youth UTV. The total purse is divided between the top three finishers.

Who is Five 2 Productions?

Five 2 Productions has been an event promoter since 2005. Five 2 Productions can consult, manage and create events, promotions or trade shows no matter how mild or wild. We design, build, manage and execute motorsports and powersports rallies, races, corporate events, concerts, parties, ride and drives, and so much more.